The Borg (and Riker’s beard) are headed back to the big screen

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This summer we got to experience two episodes from Star Trek: The Next Generation’s first season on the big screen to celebrate the season’s release on Blu-ray. Now, to mark the release of the second season discs, the episodes “Q Who?” and “The Measure of a Man” will be shown in select theaters at 7 p.m. Nov. 29. Tickets go on sale Nov. 2.

I’m one of those people who feel that TNG didn’t really hit its stride until Season 3, but 2 has some gems (as well as some real stinkers). It’s the season that gave us Riker’s beard and saw Wesley Crusher grow up, and Worf and LaForge settle into the roles they would perform for years to come. It also introduced us to Data’s Sherlock Holmes obsession.

“Q Who?” — in addition to bringing back the mischievous and omnipotent being Q — introduces the dreadful Borg and gives new depth to the then-new character of Guinan. “The Measure of a Man” has practically no special effects but is a powerful dramatic episode that determines once and for all whether the android Lt. Cmdr. Data is Starfleet’s property to do with as it wishes, or a sentient being with free will of his own.

See below for a list of Arizona theaters that will be showing the presentation. You can find venues at other locations here.

Exhibitor Theatre Name City Zip
AMC AMC Arrowhead Town Center 14 GLENDALE 85308
AMC AMC Westgate 20 GLENDALE 85305
STL Desert Sky Cinema GREEN VALLEY 85614
AMC AMC Mesa Grande 24 MESA 85204
CNK Cinemark 16 – Mesa MESA 85201
AMC AMC Ahwatukee 24 PHOENIX 85044
AMC AMC Desert Ridge 18 PHOENIX 85050
CNK Cinemark Sierra Vista SIERRA VISTA 85635
CNK Century – Oro Valley Marketplace TUCSON 85737
CNK El Con 20 TUCSON 85716
CNK Park Place 20 TUCSON 85711

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