‘Star Trek’ lore beams down to Arizona Science Center

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Star Trek The Exhibition at the Arizona Science Center. The exhibit opens Nov. 16.
The bridge of the USS Enterprise-D, commanded by Jean-Luc Picard, is one of many "Star Trek" staples re-created for "Star Trek: The Exhibition" at the Arizona Science Center. The exhibit opens Sunday.

Image: Arizona Science Center

With a new Star Trek film on the horizon set to reinvigorate the franchise next year, what better time than now to travel back in time and explore its roots?

On Sunday the Arizona Science Center will open “Star Trek: The Exhibition,” a 12,500-square-foot collection of re-creations, sets, costumes and props from all five Star Trek TV series and 10 films over the last 40 years.

Thursday morning the Apache Junction High School Star Trek Club will don their Starfleet best on site in Phoenix with the Fox 10 morning crew to help promote the event.


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