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Congratulations to Star Wars guru and Nerdvana contributor Dustin Diehl on one year of blogging at Pop Goes the Culture!

When he was starting out on the path of a superstar Jedi blogger, Dustin used the East Valley Tribune’s community blogs to promote his movie reviews at PGtC. When those user-generated blogs went away as part of a major site overhaul, I extended an invitation for him to continue here on Nerdvana — and I couldn’t be happier to have him on board!

Since launching Pop Goes the Culture on Dec. 30, 2009, with a review of James Cameron’s Avatar, Dustin has covered Star Wars Celebration V in Florida, interviewed Star Wars author Daniel Wallace and given an Ignite Phoenix presentation about the complexities of the Saga (watch it below). He’s also almost single-handedly made sure you have links here to insightful reviews of notable feature films almost every week, even those that fall outside the sci-fi and fantasy genres.

You can follow Dustin’s work here on Nerdvana or directly at Pop Goes the Culture, and through his Twitter feed @drjedi.

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