Phoenix Comicon’s Fan Fest introduces $15 guaranteed seating for large panels

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Phoenix Fan Fest (formerly the Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest) is making a big change that’s happening at more conventions these days — they’re roping off seating areas in big panels and selling access to the first few rows for $15 (plus tax and fees) per panel.

Robert Warners’ Legion of Sand blog has an interview with the marketing director of both Comicon and Fan Fest that explores what this “guaranteed seating” means for attendees. Check it out here.

Fan Fest will be Oct. 22-23 at the Phoenix Convention Center. Phoenix Comicon will be Memorial Day weekend, May 25-28, also at the convention center.

What do you think? Take our poll about Phoenix Fan Fest’s guaranteed seating, and feel free to expand on the topic in the comments!

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