PBS nerds unite!

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PBS Nerd Walk shirtWhat’s nerdier than public broadcasting (Schweddy Balls aside)?

Public television was many Americans’ introduction to Doctor Who (though Eight Arizona PBS hasn’t shown that for years, not that I’m bitter or anything) and shows like Nova have been imparting the wonders of science to the masses — as well as the less advanced of us among nerd-kind — for years. Meanwhile, Masterpiece Mystery! caters to the sleuthing nerds who can’t resist a trail of confounding clues.

You can geek out about these things and others with fellow Eight enthusiasts Oct. 29 at the inaugural Arizona PBS Nerd Walk, in conjunction with ASU homecoming in Tempe. The first 100 participants to RSVP will get a PBS Nerd shirt (pictured) and one lucky nerd will become Eight’s first ever Nerd-in-Chief.

This and other geekly events await you in the Nerdvana Calendar.

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Jayson Peters
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