One of these years, I’m going to Gen Con

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Yeah, right. I said that last year, too.

But until that day comes, thanks to magic of the Internet, I can bring you RPG news via the many bloggers who did go to the largest tabletop gaming convention in the world last week in Indianapolis.

Critical Hits was the “tweetest” of the bunch, live-blogging the D&D panel via Twitter. Now they’ve gone back and done a recap on their website with nice, clear pictures of Wizards of the Coast’s products for the next year. Some products, like new entries in the Player’s Handbook, Monster Manual and Dungeon Master’s Guide series, were a given and others, like Plane Below and Underdark, were known to be coming. Of course, the biggest news was the announcement of Dark Sun as next year’s campaign world.

Among the surprises:

  • A Player’s Strategy Guide, a sort of guide to “min-maxing” with cover art by Penny Arcade’s Mike Krahulik.
  • A D&D-themed expansion to Hasbro’s popular Heroscape miniatures game, which if nothing else will be good for the hobby by getting the D&D brand on mainstream toystore shelves again.
  • A board game based on the famous gothic-horror adventure Ravenloft.
  • A “mega-adventure” based on the classic Tomb of Horrors module.
  • Demonomicon, a book of demons.
  • At least two books exploring the races of the D&D world: tieflings and dragonborn.
  • At least two 32-page “location” books: Hammerfast, a city of dwarves, and Vor Rukoth, the ruins of a tiefling city.
  • New Dungeon Tiles, including a “master set” that won’t go out of print and will be the basis for maps in pre-packaged adventures.

Here and there ...

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