Neverwinter campaign setting star of D&D Game Day

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Aug. 6 is D&D Game Day.

This year’s event uses the special adventure “Gates of Neverdeath,” showing off the new Neverwinter Campaign Setting and leading into the next season of weekly D&D Encounters. Participants in the free event will make a first-level character they can use again in the organized play program’s ongoing storyline “The Lost Crown of Neverwinter,” launching in participating stores Aug. 10.

The description for the exclusive “Gates of Neverdeath” module reads thusly: “Hired on as caravan guards to protect precious cargo bound for the city of Neverwinter, the characters are introduced to the intrigues and danger that await in this fabled Forgotten Realms locale.”

Of course, the new campaign supplement should be available if you desire to purchase it — but all you should have to bring are your dice and 4th Edition D&D rulebooks, if you’ve got them.

Current D&D Game Day venues in and around the East Valley include The Game Depot in Tempe, Badmoons Gaming in Apache Junction and Samurai Comics in Phoenix, according to the Wizards of the Coast website.

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