Nerdvana to experience some overnight downtime

Events, Technology

Elementary, Dear DataI’ve been told by my service droids in Sector 7-G that the servers hosting Nerdvana and all East Valley Tribune blogs — as well as Varsity Xtra and our forums –will experience a planned outage as our company makes a network switch. The interruption in service is expected to begin at 8 p.m. Friday Arizona time and could extend, at most, through 8 a.m. Saturday. Email also will be affected.

Never fear, the best minds in the Federation, backed up by all the Prophets of Bajor, will make sure everything is back to normal around here as soon as possible. All shore leave and holodeck excursions have been canceled to make it so.

If necessary, I’ll be posting any updates during that time on the Nerdvana Facebook and Twitter pages. Also, the Tribune’s main website,, will be unaffected.

Thanks for following Nerdvana!

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