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LepreCon 44 regroups after art expo cancellation, still aims for St. Patrick’s Day weekend event

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A date and venue are yet to be determined, but LepreCon Inc. is still hoping to pull off an event in 2018 — possibly even within the first quarter — after recently scrubbing its plans for a March art expo.

LepreCon Inc. is a nonprofit, volunteer organization that promotes science fiction and fantasy fandom, mainly with the annual convention of the same name that has run since 1975 and often focusing on the creative works of artists and authors. The Phoenix Science Fiction and Fantasy Art Expo, which was scheduled for March 16-18 in tandem with LepreCon 44, was abruptly canceled late last month.

LepreCon Inc. president and LepreCon 44 COO Woody Bernardi says current plans are for a one-day fantasy and sci-fi event

“LepreCon has a tradition of focusing on F&SF Art and as such, it is still our intention to provide a space for Artists to display and sell their work,” he said in a recent update. “In addition we are looking at showcasing local authors.”

Bernardi was elected chair of LepreCon 44 after the art expo’s cancellation in late November.

Earl C. Hedges Jr., LepreCon 44’s newly appointed game coordinator, says to expect a variety of board games, card games and roleplaying options.

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