Horror Host Dr. Midnite undergoes transformation – now Dr. Diabolic

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Dr. Diabolic Show
Dr. Diabolic Show premier online via DrDiabolicShow.com on Friday July 13th, 2012

It appears that “Dr. Midnite and Nurse Nocturna,” from the previously reported Dr. Midnite cult-movie show, have met with an untimely accident that was brought about by a turn of events so sinister and unexpected that it could have been pulled from the script of one of their beloved b-movies; proving once and for all that “truth” is sometimes stranger than fiction.

According to the official press release, Dr. Midnite, in another one of his crazy schemes for world domination, was working with a new inter-dimensional transportation machine when a brilliant flash of light erupted and pulled him into the device. After several hours of silence, the doctor emerged – only slightly less human and slightly more…MAD. When his name was called he proclaimed, Dr. Midnite is dead! Please allow me to introduce myself. You may call me DR. DIABOLIC!

When his faithful nurse assistant asked Dr. Diabolic about his ordeal he claimed it was “easier to show her,” and pushed her into the machine. She emerged anew, as NURSE NARCOTICA! The pair now resides in their castle laboratory, deep in the heart of Monsterland, gathering inspiration from the films of old and creating their plots for total universal domination.

Local horror movie enthusiasts Jeremiah Wilkerson and partner Andrea Beesley (Midnite Movie Mamacita) both formerly of The Royale Cinema in Mesa, along with critic/writer Mark Moorhead, have teamed up to create Phoenix’s newest Horror Host Show, the Dr. Diabolic Show. Be sure to catch this devious duo at one or all of their upcoming appearances leading up to the show’s online debut on Friday, July 13, 2012.

  • Dr. Diabolic & Nurse Narcotica will be guest judges at the June 8, 2012, Zombie Bikini Contest, part of downtown Mesa’s 2nd Friday events.
  • Dr. Diabolic’s Traveling Roadshow & Fun-time Variety Hour will debut at the Phoenix Art Museum on First Friday, July 6th. A combination of film, improvisation, live acts & shenanigans, it will have the feel of a classic variety show with a hefty dose of carny showmanship.
  • The Dr. Diabolic Show will debut live at FilmBar on Saturday, July 21st. The Event will be a live version of the online show with audience participation, film & theatrics.
  • The Dr. Diabolic Show will premier online via DrDiabolicShow.com on Friday, July 13th.

You can get more information and follow the devious duo of Dr. Diabolic & Nurse Narcotica on FACEBOOK, TWITTER and their official webpage at: DrDiabolicShow.com.

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