Gifts for the Geeky: Valentine’s Day edition

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The old tried-and-true flowers and chocolates are always a good standby for Valentine’s Day, but this year, try a little nerdly twist.

Here are some gift ideas to get you started on the perfect way to say “I love you” that will earn you the response, “I know.”


Tetris Gems ($59 and up)Forget Jared, these sterling silver pendants,earrings and rings will be real conversation starters.

Html head Super Geeky and Nerdy Sterling Silver Earrings ($20)For the programmer who likes to take everything literally.


Chocolate pie chart ($20) – Don’t let your math skills “dessert” you. Pick up this chocolate pie chart to keep your brain sharp. This 3.5″ diameter sweet is made up of 70 percent dark chocolate, 20 percent milk chocolate and 10 percent white chocolate. Delicious any way you slice it!

Chocolate Calculator (Choc-u-lator) – $10 For a lower-calorie option with the same effect, get your brainy beauty a Choc-u-lator. It’s a perfect equation for love.


Potted fire flower ($18) –  Why give your lady a bouquet of roses that are just going to wither and die when you can give her the ability to harness fire power, right in her own home?

Happy Valenswine’s Day! How to Make a Bacon “Broquet” Ladies, this is a good gift idea for the fellas. For a real handmade touch, make him a bacon bouquet! Follow the tutorial here to give him the best-smelling roses he’ll ever receive.


“I Love You” binary card ($3.50) – Express your love the only way a computer knows how with this sweet and simple sentiment.

You are the CSS to my HTML card ($4) – Ah, more coding humor. It never gets old.

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