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Star Trek screenwriter, editor D.C. Fontana guest of honor at LepreCon

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D.C. FontanaD.C. Fontana, a prolific screenwriter and story editor for television including the original Star Trek series, has been announced as a guest of honor at LepreCon 42.

The Valley’s annual sci-fi and fantasy convention with an emphasis on art has as its theme this year “Life, the Universe & Everything.” It will be held June 23-26 at the Embassy Suites Phoenix North.

Fontana is appearing at LepreCon courtesy of a co-sponsorship with the United Federation of Phoenix. Fontana started working with Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry while filling in for his secretary on another series he created, The Lieutenant, and was encouraged by him to pursue writing. It led her to conceive some of the classic sci-fi series’ most memorable stories and write or re-write many others. She also wrote stories for Star Trek: The Animated Series, The Six Million Dollar Man, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, Battlestar Galactica and Star Trek: The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine.

The UFP’s Jim Strait commented on the group’s Facebook announcement: “Last year for the UFP’s 40th Anniversary we brought Mr. “Trouble With Tribbles” writer David Gerrold. This year is Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary and events are planned all over the world. Dorthy Fontana was there at the beginning. And the UFP is bringing her here to our LepreCon in June. If you want the inside story of how it all began, you need to plan to attend LepreCon this year.”

Other guests of honor include sequential artist and webcomic creator Jennie Breeden, game designer and Numenera editor Shanna Germain, local game designer Ben Woerner and veteran convention figure and filk fan and loremaster Gary Swaty.

Of course, there will be many exhibitors in the dealers room, an art show and many organizations represented. See LepreCon.org for more information, including membership details and hotel info. And don’t forget to check our Nerdvana Convention Calendar for more upcoming events (and let us know what we’ve missed).

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