Documentary ‘Lost Arcade’ to premiere this weekend at The Grid

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"The Lost Arcade" dives deep into the history of the legendary Chinatown Fair arcade in NYC. (Image courtesy of Kurt Vincent)
“The Lost Arcade” dives deep into the history of the legendary Chinatown Fair arcade in NYC. (Image courtesy of Kurt Vincent)

In the present days of console wars, online multiplayer, and getting screamed at through your headset by someone halfway across the world, some yearn for the much simpler times of stuffing your pockets full of quarters and spending an afternoon at the arcade. One documentary dubbed The Lost Arcade sets to rekindle those feelings of nostalgia and is slated to fittingly premiere at The Grid barcade in Mesa on Friday.

The film follows the legacy of the Chinatown Fair video arcade in New York City. The establishment carries a long history with the local community that spans from its inception in 1944. Director Kurt Vincent follows several subjects with keys parts in the life of Chinatown Fair and discovers how the arcade was able to survive gang wars, rising rents and the boom of home console gaming.

The documentary will be screened at The Grid barcade on Friday at 9 p.m. The showing will be put on in association with the local Cult Classics Arizona film series.

“In addition to being the Arizona premiere it’s also the first time the movie will be screening in an arcade.” said Vincent in a Tuesday press release. “It’s something I’ve been excited to do because the heart of the movie is really about community and friendship forming at arcades­—so watching the movie with friends inside an arcade surrounded by all the games is going to add something really special.”

Tickets are currently on sale for the screening for $7 general admission and $17 VIP admission, which includes unlimited free play at The Grid the day of.

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