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Player's Handbook 3The next Worldwide D&D Game Day event on March 20 will celebrate the launch of a new rulebook for the fantasy roleplaying game, Player’s Handbook 3.

The book introduces four new player character races: the savage minotaur, extraplaner githzerai, plantlike wilden and mysterious shardmind. It includes four new character classes — ardent, battlemind, runepriest and seeker — and returns the monk and psion from earlier editions of the game. The book also introduces hybrid characters as a new concept for mixing elements from different classes to create unique characters.

In the Phoenix area, The Game Depot at 3136 S. McClintock Drive in Tempe is listed as hosting the Player’s Handbook 3 Game Day event. You can search for other locations here. Look for a newcomer-friendly event with an adventure scenario that highlights the new rules, like the psionic power source, skill powers and hybrid characters.

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