D&D Delve Nights to be discontinued, retooled

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Wizards of the Coast is ending its D&D Delve Night organized gaming sessions after gathering feedback from those involved. The company says this month’s offering will be the last one for a while, and that a new program will take its place eventually.

Wizards of the Coast recently had 15 locations around the U.S. test a revamped D&D Delve Night play experience. We provided the locations with materials and feedback forms and asked organizers, players, and DMs to give us honest opinions about the revised offering for the program. After reviewing the candid and detailed feedback, we have determined that the D&D Delve Night program will end after the current June 2009 offering.

In addition to receiving feedback on the D&D Delve Night program, participants and organizers told us what they’d like to see from a new program. We’ve listened to that feedback and are currently in discussions about other program options for D&D. Once we have something in place, we will again conduct a public playtest of the program to ensure that we’re incorporating feedback from the community before launch.

If you have or are currently playing, DMing, or organizing D&D Delve Night in a location near you, thank you very much for your participation. We hope that you enjoyed the program, and we look forward to creating an exciting new program in the future with your feedback and ideas!

Chris Tulach
D&D Organized Play Content Developer
Wizards of the Coast

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