Disney D23 Expo: Say hello to CactusCarl!


cactuscarl_twittearsThe “ultimate Disney fan experience” is about to begin, and while we’re not going to the D23 Expo, Sept. 10-13 at the Anaheim Convention Center in California, we’re still giving you a glimpse of all the action.

We’re welcoming a new voice to Nerdvana: “Cactus Carl” Jimenez. He goes by “CactusCarl” on Twitter, and he was part of the team that worked on opening MGM Studios in Florida. After that he spent several years working for Radio Disney here in the Valley.

Carl is currently the special events manager for the Children’s Museum of Phoenix — but this week, he’s just a guy on vacation who’s agreed to “cover” the D23 Expo in Anaheim for us via his Twitter feed.

You won’t be seeing everything he Tweets here — I’ll be experimenting with an online tool called Publish2 to selectively post the best of his observations, mixed with highlights from the event’s official Twitter feed — but you can find the unfiltered experience at http://twitter.com/CactusCarl, or you can search Twitter for #D23. If there’s a torrent of juicy news, I’ll up the posting or maybe just replace it with a straight-up RSS feed. Either way, look for headlines in the sidebar on the right.

When it’s all over, I’ll probably compile the best Tweets in one blog post.

And if you’re at D23, or know someone who is, shoot us an e-mail, leave a comment or send us a Tweet @nerdvana.

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