D23 Expo: Star Tours II, Fantasyland expansion

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More news from the D23 Expo in Anaheim:

Star Tours II has been confirmed at last, and here’s a “teaser trailer” for the ride. The Star Speeder 3000 may never get to Endor, but the podraces on Tatooine? No problem!

According to guest correspondent “CactusCarl” Jimenez, who’s been tweeting the highlights from D23, the ride will close in 2010 and reopen in 2011 as a 3-D experience — the first major update to the Star Wars-themed spaceflight simulator since it opened in 1987.

derstarwars0002lgYou can get more information and see a slideshow of images at the Around Disney blog operated by our sister publication, The Orange County Register.

Also announced: Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom park in Florida will expand with royal courts where visitors can meet the Disney princesses on their home turf, a circus tent experience for the Dumbo attraction and more, all due to be finished by 2012. Elsewhere, “Carsland” at Disney’s California Adventure will feature the Cozy Cone Motel food service area, serving PopCone, Cone on the Cobb, and Chili Cone Carni.

Keep an eye on the sidebar at right for selected updates from CactusCarl and other sources at D23.

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