Crit Hit! 2016

Nerdvana supports Crit Hit! 2016 Phoenix tabletop RPG event

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Crit Hit! 2016

Nerdvana is proud to be backing Crit Hit! 2016, a tabletop RPG-focused event currently in the final stretch of funding through Kickstarter.

One of several gaming rooms at the Phoenix Hilton Airport event will bear Nerdvana’s noble branding, and we’ve contributed to help make the event a reality.

There are many backer incentives beyond event access, including keychain badges, messenger bags, and exclusive prints and gaming content. Seventh Sea game designer John Wick is guest of honor, and there will also be appearances from Tunnels & Trolls designer Ken St. Andre, who will premiere an exclusive adventure module at the event, as well as Savage Worlds designer Shane Hensley, World of Dew designer Ben Woerner and the Full Metal RPG podcast’s Brendan and Ben.

Read more about what awaits you at Crit Hit! 2016’s Kickstarter page. The only way to get tickets to the July 9-10 event is to contribute to the campaign – so, what are you waiting for? There’s still time to get in on the fun.

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