Comic-Con to leave San Diego?

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Fresh off their highest profile convention ever, Comic-Con’s future in San Diego may be in doubt. There’s no secret that the convention is too large for the current facilities. Four-day tickets for the event sold out four months in advance. The con expanded into nearby hotels for some programming, but clearly it is straining at the seams. Because of this, other convention-friendly cities, like Los Angeles and Las Vegas have been sniffing around seeking to lure the yearly comic book extravaganza away.

Until now these have been mere rumblings, now there are reports that the con has demanded that the convention center expand by 2011 or the SDCC will relocate. The con has a contract to stick around through 2012, but without some more elbow room, that may be the final year in San Diego.

Hopefully, this is just a negotiating tactic. San Diego has been the con’s home since the very beginning. The city is now synonymous with the convention itself. While they have more space available, both of the rumored relocation destinations also have significant drawbacks as well. Los Angeles lacks the centralized downtown area with hotel and entertainment facilities that San Diego has. Las Vegas certainly lacks neither of those, but trading the mid-70 degree temperatures of San Diego for the 100-plus of Nevada would be a steep price to pay. That’s not to mention losing the family-friendly allure that San Diego possesses.

In the end, I doubt either party really wants to lose the good thing they’ve got going currently. However, with the clock ticking on the two-year countdown, a compromise is going have to be reached soon or we may just find out what Comic-Con would look like without San Diego.

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