Science center offers a creepy proposition: Win a bee beard


Where are all the bees going? Mystery solved!

The Arizona Science Center is giving six lucky (?) winners the chance to wear a beard of live bees on March 20.

Six winners will be randomly selected from those who fill out an entry form and get it in by March 12. They’ll be assisted in their demented endeavor by expert bee wrangler John Gibeau of The Honeybee Centre in British Columbia, who will make sure his miniscule minions bee-have. He’ll also explain his evil sway over these creatures and assure the contest winners they have nothing to fear.

Those more sane persons who just want to watch can go to the science center at 600 E. Washington St. in Phoenix starting at 11 a.m., when the torture sessions will begin outside the main entrance and run every half-hour.

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Jayson Peters
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