Anthony Daniels leads a musical tour of the ‘Star Wars’ galaxy

There’s a scene in Star Wars: Episode VI — Return of the Jedi where the chatty droid C-3PO, having saved his friends from ending up on the plates of the primitive Ewok tribe by impersonating a god, tells his furry followers an epic tale of galactic war, romance and the Force to win their help in fighting the evil Empire. This alien bedtime story may be gibberish, but the honest voice of Anthony Daniels shines through the funny words and golden fa├žade to reach people in a galaxy far, far away. That was a long time ago. Now Daniels, the actor who has played “Threepio” since the character debuted in 1977’s Star Wars, is telling the story all over again, but in a different way: He’s the narrator of “Star Wars in Concert,” a live show stopping in Glendale for two performances Oct. 4 at Arena. As an 86-piece orchestra performs the film score of John Williams, Daniels will lead the audience through film montages that tell story of all six Star Wars films in the space of 90 minutes.