Y: The Last Man Rising – a fantastic fan-film

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A couple of days ago I posted a list of comic-book heroes that I’d like to see on the big screen and the Brian K. Vaughn story of Y: The Last Man was at the top of my list. Then like internet magic and as if to prove the point, a Nerdvana friend & reader, Agent Parks, sent us this link to an extremely cool, 21 minute, Y: The Last Man Rising fan film created by Christian Cardona & Kent King (who also plays Agent 355.)

For a fan tribute film, this short has incredible production values and is sure to whet the appetites of ‘Y’ fans and newcomers alike. For the uninitiated, Y: The Last Man is the tale of Yorick Brown and his Capuchin monkey, Ampersand, the last male beings on Earth. The story follows the unlikely pair through a world populated only by women and in a realistic way captures the politics, science and peril that you might expect in a world without men. It is one of the most critically-acclaimed comic franchises ever and it deserves every accolade – and a series of full-length feature films.

Here’s hoping that some smart movie studio is going actually move forward with this property; and they could do a lot worse than bringing on Cardona and King who obviously have huge affection for the source material. Huge thanks to Agent Parks for bringing this video to our attention. Enjoy!

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