‘X-Men’ return to animation on Nickelodeon Jan. 23

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Nicktoons Wolverine and the X-MenWolverine is headed back to theaters this year, and he and the X-Men are headed back in cartoon form as well.

As Jake Bell over at Atomic Comics’ Atomic Fallout blog reports, the new animated series Wolverine and the X-Men will premiere Jan. 23 on Nicktoons with a DVD release to follow later this year. The series will also be available on TurboNick and Nickelodeon’s wireless platforms.

Picking up on themes from the recent live-action X-Men trilogy, the show follows the mutants we know and love as they try to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives after Professor Charles Xavier and Dr. Jean Grey go missing.

The devastated X-Men disband but are forced back together a year later when the government begins rounding up mutants. The series will also feature Magneto’s Brotherhood of Mutants and Acolytes as well as the robotic Sentinels.

The X-Men starred in the successful animated series of the same name for five years in the ’90s, and again for four seasons starting in 2000 in X-Men: Evolution, which portrayed them as teenagers attending a regular public high school in addition to the Xavier Institute.

This time the series uses a mesh of 2D/3D animation for both characters and backgrounds.

Voice talent includes Yuri Lowenthal (star of Ben 10: Alien Force, who is scheduled to attend Phoenix Comicon) as Iceman and Tom Kane (Yoda in Star Wars: The Clone Wars) as Magneto. Also appearing is Emma Frost, a character not seen in the recent series of X-Men movies who has played a significant role in the comics as both a foe and friend of the Xavier Institute.

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