X-Men animation cells to be auctioned online Dec. 1

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More than 500 Marvel animation cels from the 1990s’ X-Men series on Fox will go up for auction online Dec. 1. They are expected to sell between $100 and $300 each and include:

A 1997 original production cel on key matching background of “Captain America” and “Wolverine” from the episode Old Soldiers.

A 1993 original production cel and key matching production background featuring Rogue, Omega Red, Jubilee and Gambit from the episode Red Dawn.

A 1994 original production cel and key matching production panoramic background featuring “Gambit” from the episode The Dark Phoenix Saga (Part 4): The Fate of the Phoenix.

A 1992 and 1997 original production cels and original production background featuring Rogue, Wolverine, Storm and Gambit.

A 1995 original production cel and production background featuring Terrax, Thor and Galactus from the episode To Battle the Living Planet.

A 1992 production cel progression and background featuring Rogue, Jubilee and Wolverine from the episode Savage Land, Savage Heart (Part 2). This set up is on an original panoramic background from the studio.

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