The Blog Is Yours: Worst Superman movie: III or IV?

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Superman III (Warner Bros.)

Excitement is building for Man of Steel. I recently rewatched the original Superman starring Christopher Reeve, which had long been hailed (until The Avengers came along) as the perfect superhero movie. And that got me thinking that the franchise has brought us some real stinkers as well. (I’m looking at you, III and IV!)

Which was worse? (Superman I and II and Superman Returns are out of bounds — no, I don’t care how little sense the infamous “S-logo throw” in Superman II made. Because kneel before Zod!). Here are some talking points to get you started. Carry on in the comments below!

Superman III (pictured):

Pros: Robert Vaughn in a new take on the millionaire villain. No subtitle. (Superman II didn’t need one.) Annette O’Toole as Lana Lang (years before she was Ma Kent on Smallville). Superman behaves like the rest of us.

Cons: Another millionaire villain. No subtitle. Richard Pryor. Scary robot lady. More missile mayhem (see Superman).

Superman IV: The Quest for Peace:

Pros: Lois isn’t as gullible and stupid as we were led to believe (see Superman II). Lara Jor-El. A really good newspaper speech at the end from Perry White.

Cons: Two and a Half-man Jon Cryer as little Lenny Luthor. The Nuclear Man mess. Unbelievably bad editing.

Have at it, nerds!

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