Who can’t wait to watch the Watchmen?

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The official Watchmen movie site has some photos of the New York sets they’ve constructed for the movie. Check them out, they’re pretty spectacular. There’s even a glimpse of Rorschach! I’ll admit that I was initially unsure about Zack Snyder being the one to bring Watchmen from graphic novel to the silver screen. I really liked what he did with 300, but I was less impressed with his Dawn of the Dead remake (I prefer my zombies slow and shuffling!). However, the more and more I see of his progress on Watchmen, the more enthusiastic I become. It remains to be seen if Snyder can capture the scope and multitude of layers from the source material. But, if the rest of the movie is anywhere near as well done as the sets appear to be, moviegoers and comic fans alike will be in for a treat.

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Chris Adams
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