What a tangled web we ‘shoot’ …

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Marvel has recently released new images from its upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man movie (release date – July 3, 2012) and I was thrilled to see the first close-up look at Peter Parker’s web shooters. Yes, that’s right people, real mechanized web-shooters!

Spider-Man's Web ShootersWhile the updated ‘Amazing’ version of the Spidey tale looks to be an amalgamation of many different web-crawling interpretations, at least this time they are getting the web shooters right (well…hopefully.) I have a lot of love for the Sam Raimi Spider-Man flicks (uhh…not so much number 3), but the one thing that always aggravated me was the biological web that Peter Parker was able to produce from his wrists.

Peter Parker is a smart guy, a really smart guy, and this fact was overlooked a lot in the Raimi Spider-Man flicks. As a teenager Peter created the web shooters in the basement of his Aunt’s house in Queens, the webs didn’t just accidentally come along with the proportionate strength of a spider. And even if they did, logically they would NOT be shooting out of his wrists, but would be shooting out of the bottom part of his abdomen, just like a real spider. If you use your imagination you can see that this is not a pretty picture – nor very heroic.

Spider-Man's Web-ShootersBut the main reason that taking away Spidey’s mechanical web shooters was a bad idea is that this removed his Achilles heel and the drama that comes with a malfunctioning web shooter. Some of the best Spider-Man stories ever told involved having the tricky web shooting device either running out of fluid, or jamming at the worst possible time.

When you have enough web fluid stored in your body (in some organ I don’t want to know about) to cover a mile of subway tracks (see Spider-Man 2) you not only eliminate all the suspense and tension that comes with running out of web fluid, but you discount a long and treasured history of one of the world’s most beloved heroes. And you just don’t do that.

So ‘Yay’ for the mech web shooters, but The Amazing Spider-Man trailer also reveals that the filmmakers are taking other liberties with the Spider-Man mythos and leaning heavily on the entertaining, but very different, Brian Michael Bendis Ultimate Spider-Man storyline.  And so it goes.

The nerd nation is hard to please and the creators behind this franchise will never make everyone happy, but take a look at the last 30 seconds of The Amazing Spider-Man trailer with its spectacular point-of-view action and see if that doesn’t get your spider-sense tingling. And check out those web shooters.  Awesome!

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