Watch X-Men cartoon episodes for free

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Marvel’s web site is streaming episodes of the 1992 animated X-Men series. They’re releasing a new episode for viewing each week. If you simply can’t wait, the show has also recently been released on DVD. While not the first, this was one of the best comic-book cartoons. It did a great job of translating the feel of the X-Men books to a half-hour show. The program had a solid line-up for the team, including numerous guest-appearances and cameos by famed mutants, including my peronal favorite, Longshot.

The show also used several of the biggest and best storylines from the comics. While staying faithful to the source material, they managed to do such famed arcs as the Dark Phoenix Saga, Days of Future Past and other significant parts of X-Men lore. This show along with the other breakout hit of ’92, Batman: The Animated Series (15 years later still THE best comic adaptation ever) introduced a whole new generation of kids to Marvel and DC comics. I still have fond memories of the iconic theme song and Saturday mornings.

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