Places to visit while you’re in downtown Mesa for Video Games Live

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Video Games LiveWith Video Games Live less than a day away, you’ve either won tickets from me or bought your own and now you’re looking for places to eat and things to do around the Mesa Arts Center. Until recently I worked in the area for more than 12 years, so I have a few ideas.

Here are some of Nerdvana’s favorites places in downtown Mesa:

Evermore Nevermore – The undisputed rulers of all things steampunk and goth in the Valley, the forces behind this Best Of East Valley place to find uncommon gifts at 127 W. Main St. have taken charge in organizing fun events — including the popular Second Friday block parties, with “Sci Fi Friday” being the theme this Friday. Take this chance to scout them out early before the invasion begins! Read more about Evermore Nevermore on Nerdvana.

Gotham City Comics & Coffee – This store — selling, as you can imagine, comics and coffee — recently opened at 46 W. Main St. It’s got a clean art gallery vibe as well as racks and racks of comic books and collectibles, and the coffee shop owner from the POOL Together indoor marketplace. Read more about Gotham City on Nerdvana.

Queen’s Pizzeria – Right next to Evermore Nevermore at 125 W. Main St., they bake their own dough, have Thrifty Ice Cream (yum) and are open until 10 p.m. Visit their website.

The former East Valley Tribune building – Recently vacated by Nerdvana, 120 W. First Ave. was the longtime home of the Tribune and can still be seen on the corner of Macdonald and First Avenue. It’s still owned by former Tribune owner Freedom Communications – and it’s for sale, if you want it. Or you can just drive by on your way to the MAC and pay homage to the birthplace of Nerdvana!

You can find more things to do in the area at the Downtown Mesa Association’s website. But don’t tarry too long – Video Games Live has lots of pre-show activity, including game demos and a costume contest. Here’s a link where you can find directions and parking information.

Congratulations to all the winners of our Nerdvana ticket giveaway for Video Games Live, courtesy of the Mesa Arts Center:  Ken Colman, Eli Salas, Christen Bejar, Aaron Benberry and Laura Hamilton.

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