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San Diego Comic Con 2008, The Incredible Hulk, Scott Kirchhofer

Last night was preview night at the San Diego Comic-Con, which can only be described as organized madness … and a taste of things to come.

San Diego Comic Con 2008, main exhibit hall, sci-fi booth

I was one of thousands of fans who came out for the first night of the convention to see sights, get exclusive actions figures and stock up as much stuff as possible before it sells out. Opening night used to be a bit more mellow than the other days and nights, or so I’m told. Well, I guess those days are over. So many people come to the convention now that it’s always packed.

San Diego Comic Con 2008, main exhibit hall

I saw swarms of fans going bonkers for everything. At some moments it felt like a mob, with hundreds of people packed together (pushing a bit) with hands out trying to grab whatever they could get their hands on. Also, at times the isles were so packed with people that you couldn’t move. I’m a bit claustrophobic so that was not fun, but part of the experience of Comic-Con and something I’m going to have to get used to.

I did get some cool free stuff and a few convention exclusive DC Direct Batman and Joker figures. Sweet!! Also, I geeked out a bit when I saw Blair Butler, from G4’s Attack of The Show and Fresh Ink, interviewing Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada. It was really wild watching them film footage for G4. Blair was such a pro and way more attractive in person too.

I’m watching a panel with Stan Lee and Grant Morrison right now and it’s really great. Stan is hilarious as he talks the past, present and future of comics. Only at Comic-Con! Up next is the Doctor Who and Torchwood panel. Don’t worry Jayson Peters, I’ll take good notes.

Stay tuned for more updates. All photos taken with my fancy new 3G iPhone.

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