Übergeek Wil Wheaton at Comicon in Mesa!

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Wil Wheaton, the Stand By Me star who went on to pilot the Enterprise as Ensign Wesley Crusher in Star Trek: The Next Generation – and was therefore reviled and envied by geeks everywhere as the Luckiest Kid in the Universe – has just announced that he will be at Phoenix Cactus Comicon!

Wheaton has matured into a brilliant career of blogging, writing and voice-over work that puts the vast majority of American child stars to shame. (He was Aqualad on Teen Titans, to name but one example.)

At the Con, expect to find him signing his works (such as The Happiest Days of Our Lives and Volume 2 of Star Trek: The Manga), reading from them and – most important of all – buying lots of comics.

The Con will take place Jan. 26-27 at the venerable Mesa Convention Center. Previously announced guests include Lou Ferrigno (TV’s Incredible Hulk), Scrooge McDuck writer/illustrator Don Rosa, Superman/Batman artist Ed McGuinness and many, many more.

So check it out – Nerdvana will be!

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