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Think fast! Why do Sonic the Hedgehog comics work so well?

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Sonic the Hedgehog comic books are getting a completely fresh start after ending their partnership with Archie Comics. This new start will be with IDW Publishing and will launch in 2018.

These comics have always had a certain charm that made them stand out from the rest. What is it about this particular comic series that works so well and keeps it coming back for more?

sonic the hedgehog comicsOne reason is that there are many variations characters and universes, so there are an endless number of directions that the storyline could take. This is why there were multiple comics at a time with very different plots and stories. Each character gets their own chance to shine in their own way. The large cast of characters and universes works in the Sonic comics’ favor.

The emotional aspect of the comics is something that hooks the reader in and leaves them wanting more. The storyline typically consists of the perfect balance of emotion and action that makes for an amazing plot. The cliffhangers at the end of each comic allow for the next comic in the series to be even more action-packed and emotional than the previous ones.

Switching artists throughout the comic series truly work to Sonic’s advantage. It keeps the style new and fresh without changing the storyline altogether. Seeing various artist’s work in the comic series personally interests me as an artist. It gives each artist a chance to showcase their work in the comic, which is very refreshing. Seeing the same art style in the comic for an extended period of time can get rather mundane after a while. However, the concept of switching artists regularly is something that makes this comic work so well.

I am very excited for the Sonic the Hedgehog comics to have a fresh start. I believe this is exactly what they need to get back on top of their game. I have high hopes that the Sonic comics will be better then ever in 2018.

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