Things I’ve learned today: 4/12

Comics, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Television

Batman: The Brave and the BoldHouston, we have a problem: Mothballed space shuttles are going to Florida, California, Washington, D.C., and New York City. (KHOU)

Journalist Andrew Smith takes an interesting look at how Batman: The Brave and the Bold is like a “mix tape” of the Caped Crusader’s colorful history. (Scripps)

Can quidditch rise above its fannish roots in college play? (Los Angeles Times)

If you missed out on the utter awesomeness that was Steampunk Street II and the Sci-Fi Friday block party last Friday in downtown Mesa, check out East Valley Tribune photographer Tim Hacker’s images. (Slideshow)

Shameless plug: Share your highlights and photos from last week’s Video Games Live at the Mesa Arts Center. (Original post)

There’s a penis museum. In Iceland. (Associated Press)

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