‘The Walking Dead’ shambles to TV

Comics, Television

twdhcTelevision is getting a little more mindless, but in a good way for a change. The Hollywood Reporter writes that AMC has picked up the rights to develop Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard‘s zombie comic “The Walking Dead.”

The grim comic details the day-to-day fight for survival in the wake of an undead apocalypse. The book has been a runaway success since its 2003 debut, becoming the best selling black-and-white book on the market today.

Frank Darabont, no stranger to life and death struggles for survival (The Shawshank Redemption, The Mist), is on board to help write, direct and produce the series.

The comic is perfect to adapt for a television show. There are 60-plus issues already completed and Kirkman says he still has years worth of stories, so there should be no shortage of material. The stories are about characters and not effects driven. Despite the presence of zombies, the true focus of the book is the survivors and their interactions. If the show can maintain the balance between human drama and zombie attacks, AMC should have another hit on their hands.

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