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San Diego Comic-Con International1 arrested in scuffle

Don’t fight over seats, people.

‘Stargate Universe’ returns Sept. 28 with second season

The Destiny’s journey continues on Tuesday nights.

Exclusive ‘Clone Wars’ season 3 trailer reveals new characters

Familiar faces returning, too.

Favreau, Ford, Craig surprise fans at Comic-Con

Solo captured at last …

Samuel L. Jackson announces ‘Avengers’ cast

Avengers, assemble! (more)

Harry Potter preview draws big crowd at Comic-Con

The end is nigh for the boy wizard …

Fans see ‘Green Lantern’ footage at ‘Comic-Con’

In brightest day, in blackest night …

Rogen, Gondry put their stamp on ‘Green Hornet’

6,000 fans get a 3-D partial preview.

Helen Mirren in RED

‘RED’ trailer debuts at Comic-Con

Helen Mirren with automatic weapons? I’m so there!

‘Tron: Legacy’ trailer: The game is over

These are not your father’s programs.

Boo! Guillermo del Toro announces his ‘Haunted Mansion’ reboot

The erstwhile “Hobbit” helmer “not returning Eddie Murphy’s calls,” promises true fright delight.

Robert Rodriguez unveils ‘Machete’ at Comic-Con

Robert Rodriguez loves Comic-Con, but the San Diego Convention Center is just too limiting. So the filmmaker decided to unveil his new movie, “Machete,” at a street-corner party instead.

Stallone, Austin and Lundgren toughen up Comic-Con

It started with chants of “Rocky, Rocky,” and ended with Sylvester Stallone accepting accolades Thursday from the Guinness Book of World Records for creating the most successful sports franchise in film history: “Rocky.”

J.J. Abrams and Joss Whedon at Comic-ConJ.J. Abrams, Whedon talk pop culture at Comic-Con

Before Joss Whedon and J.J. Abrams got too deep into a discussion about pop culture, Whedon confirmed some major Marvel news: He’s directing “The Avengers.”

Will Ferrell launches Comic-Con with laughs

The “Megamind” star kicked things off in costume.

New 3-D ‘Tron’ film wows Comic-Con with footage

The follow-up film to 1982’s “Tron” wowed the high-tech crowd at Comic-Con.

Angelina Jolie at Comic-ConAngelina Jolie says she was scarred by ‘Salt’

She wasn’t in 3-D. She wasn’t computer generated. She wasn’t even wearing a costume.

‘Scott Pilgrim’ creates Comic-Con pandemonium

The frenetic flick based on the comic series of the same name screened for lucky fans.

Some things to look for at San Diego Comic-Con International

Arizona’s own convention guru Lee Whiteside on what to expect.

Hate group to protest San Diego Comic-Con

Gentlemen, set your phasers to “shut up.”

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