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The first movie poster for The Incredible Hulk not only gives us a juicy visual but also reflects how the movie is being influenced by the 70’s television series by the same name. And no it’s not Lou Ferrigno who starred as the Hulk in the old school series. It’s something much darker than that.

The new one-sheet poster for the June 13th blockbuster shows Edward Norton (Bruce Banner aka The Hulk) walking on a lonely path with the Hulk looming over him. The film is suppose to focus on Bruce Banner’s attempt to find a cure for the gamma radiation that poisoned his cells – making him the Hulk – while running from the law, or more specifically his nemesis General Thunderbolt Ross (William Hurt) and the military seeking to exploit his power.

The poster is reminiscent of actor Bill Bixby hitchhiking in the television series that ran from 1978-1982. (click here to see a photo) In that show, Banner was constantly on the run, trying to find a cure while struggling to control and come to terms with the monster inside him. It was a dark, psychological thriller that focused on character and drama over special effects. While the new movie will borrow these themes it will also get a heavy jolt of action by bringing the Abomination to life to face off against the Hulk. That’s a fight I can’t wait to see. Rumor has it a new trailer for The Incredible Hulk will be shown before the Iron Man movie on May 2.

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