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flashAfter the massive hit of “The Dark Knight,” DC Comics has been silent on the big screen, but that’s set to change soon. The Hollywood Reporter has an interesting article about the state of affairs with DC Comics’ current slate of movies. Most interestingly is the news that Geoff Johns, one of the brightest stars in DC’s writing stable, has written a treatment and will be a producer on a Flash movie.

Johns is pretty much the king of the castle right now when it comes to the DC Universe. He’s the brains behind this summer’s biggest event in comics, Blackest Night. Whenever they’re looking to make a splash with a book, DC turns to Johns. So if he is being entrusted with a Flash movie, you can bet DC’s putting some serious muscle behind the project to ensure its success.

Johns is certainly no stranger to the character. Along with artist Scott Kolins, he had a long and celebrated run on the comic that brought the Scarlet Speedster and his villains gallery, The Rogues, to the forefront of DC. I’m excited to see how this progresses. The Flash is a great choice for a movie. He’s got enormous history and potential, a great visual and most importantly, probably the third best group of villains in all of comics, trailing only Spider-Man and Batman in that category.

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