‘Star Wars’ comics: ‘Rebellion’ has ended, ‘Invasion’ begins!


News out of New York Comic Con includes word that the Dark Horse Comics Star Wars title Rebellion has seen its last issue, but Comic Book Resources reports it will soon be replaced with Invasion, a series set during the Yuuzhan Vong War era of the New Jedi Order novels.

Star Wars Invasion from Dark Horse Comics

The NJO books don’t go as far into the future as Dark Horse’s Legacy series, which deals with a reborn Empire and Sith Order opposed by Jedi-turned-smuggler Cade Skywalker. Instead, Invasion will feature the heroes of the classic Star Wars trilogy and their children, including Sith Lord-to-be Jacen Solo (and presumably his twin sister, Jaina).

In the New Jedi Order books, the Galaxy Far, Far Away is invaded from outside by the Yuuzhan Vong, a sadistic race of nomadic warriors who reject technology — and the Force — favoring organic weapons and vehicles. (That’s a Vong warrior pictured above).

When the series ended, yielding to the more recent Legacy of the Force series and the upcoming Fate of the Jedi novels, the universe was a drastically changed place, and one of the Solo twins had been set on the inescapable path toward the dark side.

It will be beyond awesome to see this key era in the Expanded Universe depicted visually!

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