Clark Kent’s got something on his chest in ‘Smallville’

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Tom Welling is donning a new costume for the upcoming ninth season of Smallville — and it’s not what you might expect. Spoilers after the jump.

Clark's new duds

While Kal-el takes a step in the Superman direction by rocking the S-shield on his Kryptonian chest, all similarity to the traditional Man of Steel garb ends there.

The season premieres Sept. 25, and reportedly sees Clark Kent grow up and embrace his destiny. DC Comics writer Geoff Johns will pen an episode, with villains Metallo (Brian Austin Green) and General Zod (Callum Blue, “Major Zod” in the CW captions) and, reportedly, the heroic Wonder Twins making appearances.

In the picture, CK is draped in black from head to toe, a look that, MTV blogger Brian Warmoth says, “recalls Superman’s post-resurrection look following his death at the hands of Doomsday in the comics.

Kneel before Zod!

“The long black jacket, though, gives him a little bit of an edge in the tradition of Frank Castle or Lorenzo Lamas in Renegade.”

The post-Doomsday look is certainly appropriate, given the events of season eight. But will it be welcomed in a series that even many fans say has outstayed its welcome on our planet?

Via MTV’s Splash Page! blog / CW photos

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