‘Smallville’ earns a 10th season

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The CW has made it official: Smallville has been renewed for a 10th season.

The network had recently announced the return of The Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, 90210, Supernatural and America’s Next Top Model. But the Superman prequel was conspicuously absent.

I have to hand it to the producers (including star Tom Welling). They have managed to retain doubtful viewers through some pretty wacky plot lines over the years. But this season has been something of a renaissance for the series, with increasingly creative storytelling and a full-on DC event, “Absolute Justice,” which mixed in a wealth of new possibilities by delving back into the Golden Age of comics.

The impotent Kandorians’ arrival on Earth, and the tense relationship this has fostered between Clark Kent and perennial Kryptonian villain Zod (Callum Blue), has resurrected a dynamic not seen on the show since the departure of Michael Rosenbaum’s Lex Luthor after season seven — one that Cassidy Freeman’s Tess Mercer, while an intriguing character, has been unable to match.

Even the potentially groan-worthy introduction of Super Friends alumni Zan and Jayna, the transforming Wonder Twins, in the episode “Idol” was a surprising treat. This season has been fun. And the show has been prospering in its new Friday night timeslot — which, of course, is all that really matters.

It’s not clear how much longer the creative team behind Smallville can keep playing with the Superman property without calling it Superman — and it looks like Batman Begins and The Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan is going to get to bring the Man of Steel to the big screen soon. But as long as they do, I’ll be watching.

Source: SCI FI Wire

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