Not dead yet: 2 campaigns aim to keep Mesa’s Monsterland going (UPDATED)

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Downtown Mesa’s Monsterland Bar & Grill is getting ready for its last hurrah Saturday night after announcing abruptly earlier this month that it would be closing. But fans and employees of the establishment that started life as a haunted house attraction and prop museum aren’t ready to say the last rites yet. There is not one, but at least two bids out there to keep Monsterland going — one by dedicated employees of the venue and another by an East Valley businessman.

The first group comprises Monsterland employees using the crowdfunding website Indiegogo, and is organized by Gregory Holmes, Dan DeWolf and Sean Curley. It’s seeking $300,000 in funding:

We don’t want to see this unique hotspot disappear. That is why we are raising money in order to buy Monsterland from the original owner. So we can continue to make Monsterland the great place you have all come to know and love.

Another effort is being spearheaded by Marco Regalado, owner of the Pop Culture Paradise comics, collectibles and game shop in Tempe. Regalado visited Monsterland Jan. 10, according to a representative, and spoke with owner Kevin Wynn about fielding a bid for the venue. He announced his intentions Friday night on Facebook:

There is some buzz around that we’re trying to buy Monsterland in Mesa. This is one rumor that I’m happy to say is true! I’ve submitted a proposal to the current owner. He’s waiting on a couple of other proposals and should have a final answer to me next week.
I gotta tell you this is something I’m really excited to share with you all! You have been great in supporting us at Pop Culture Paradise and I can’t think of any other customers I’d love to see at Monsterland supporting us there! Keep your fingers crossed!
Until that time, please go and support Monsterland in Mesa, I hear they are having one helluva last party tomorrow night!

There certainly seems to be a lot of support for Monsterland in what were supposed to be its final hours. Will it make any difference? Check back for updates as the story develops.

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UPDATE: Regalado tells Phoenix New Times that as of Jan. 23, the deal is “50 percent” done, but there’s still a lot of negotiation and due diligence ahead. He told reporter Benjamin Leatherman that the Monsterland employees behind the Indiegogo crowdfunding effort have pledged their funds to his effort to buy Monsterland, and that he’s hopeful of a potential deal by Friday of this week.

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