Save Chloe! Campaign rallies around ‘Smallville’ character

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Allison MackIs there a place for Chloe Sullivan in the future of Smallville?

The CW series, an origin story of sorts for Superman, was recently renewed against all odds for a 10th season – but Allison Mack, who plays the feisty former reporter-turned-superhero-organizer, doesn’t appear to have a contract in place to return. As Airlock Alpha points out, this may be appropriate given that her character, introduced in the series premiere as a sort of proto-Lois Lane who we later learned is the cousin of that future Mrs. Superman, was a unique creation of the television show with no real grounding in the Metropolis mythos.

Nevertheless, she’s become a fan favorite — to the extent that a group of Chloephiles have even shelled out real money to air an ad in the Los Angeles area extolling the virtues of the character, perhaps in an effort to woo execs into seeing that she remains with the show. This after the same group raised $3,000 for charity donated in her name.

Chloe, who has cheated death more than once in Smallville and even anchored the show’s webisodes, was paired romantically in the series with news photographer Jimmy Olson, a true fixture of the comic books — but that didn’t stop producers from killing off his beloved character in the TV show. Maybe they can be wooed into continuing their independence and diverging from source material yet again?

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