San Diego Comic-Con: Day 2

This is not me in costume.
This is not me in costume.

The comic con is in full swing. Friday was a hectic day with the convention floor more packed than ever. The lull that seemed to run for most of Thursday is definatly over. Things were hectic and I loved every minute of it.

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Full disclosure time, I took a new personal leap in the realm of geekdom. After getting numerous nerdy tattoos, I decided that the time was ripe. I’ve officially given up any pretense at being anything other than the full-blown comic dork that I am. I decided to embrace that feeling and just run with it. So this year, I attended the con in costume.

I’ve gone to the San Diego Convention nine out of the previous ten years. In most of those years, I’ve shaken my head and even mocked those who participated in cosplay. That being said, I must admit I had a great time doing it. I talked to dozens and dozens of friendly people, met those I wouldn’t have normally, got tons of compliments and even picked up a few gifts from new friends. As geeky as it sounds, walking the floor in full costume was an entirely new experience and I’m so glad I did it.

As busy as Friday was, Saturday stands ready to pack in even more fans. Saturday is traditonally THE day of the con. Tons of panels, numerous appearances by stars and relentless activities on the convention floor. The normal wall-to-wall insanity of the convention is going to be cranked up to 11 and will sweep everyone along with its tide of wildness.

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