Rocky Mountain high?


Ah, Colorado. Crisp mountain air, meth-contaminated comics books and armed robbery — meddling kid and Klingon style!

Investigators this week announced they have broken up a massive methamphetamine ring that brought weekly drug shipments to the Denver area through Phoenix, then laundered the profits with half a million dollars’ worth of collectible comics books — including some Superman and Batman first editions. The fiends! (Bagged as they were or not, I wonder if those valuable books are now worthless after exposure to the harsh chemicals used to make meth?)

shaggybatleth1Also this week, the FBI dubbed a bank robber in more than a dozen hits in Arizona and Colorado “The Shaggy Bandit” for his resemblance (?) to the hirsute character from “Scooby-Doo.”

Reading that story led me to this blog post about weird weapons used by Colorado Springs criminals, which mentioned a story from earlier this year about a convenience store robbery in which a Klingon Bat’leth sword was used.

Is Colorado becoming a nexus of the bizarre?

Here and there ...

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