Retailers destroying Superman, Supergirl comics at DC’s request


What’s the issue with the latest Superman and Supergirl comics? DC has recalled them, ordering stores to destroy any of the issues they received in shipments.

Escape Velocity Comics in Colorado Springs, Colorado, told their followers:

Escape velocity comics has followed the instructions from the publisher regarding the recalled issues of Superman and Supergirl. Any copies we RECEIVED in our shipment were destroyed. There are no remaining copies of these books, so please don’t ask. Hold file customers who have subscribed to these titles can expect replacement copies to arrive on August 28th and September 4th, respectively. Thank you for understanding.

Some reports speculate it’s an artwork matching or branding issue, or even an issue of conflicting or inconsistent portrayal of a character’s race.

But if you are a collector who ends up with a copy, and you’re not a comic book store owner or employee? You’ll probably want to hang onto it.

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