Photos: NerdvanaCon at Mesa 2nd Friday

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I’m still on the road after NerdvanaCon, but here are a few photos from the 2nd Friday block party in downtown Mesa that helped celebrate this blog’s fifth anniversary. If you’ve got photos, share them with us! Send them to or use the social comments below.

Voyage Trekkers boothVoyage Trekkers cast and crew took the time to pose for quick shot in the OneOhOne Gallery: On the left is visual effects producer David Stipes (a great guy who’s an Emmy winner for his work on Star Trek: The Next Generation). Center is the lovely Gabrielle Van Buren, an ASU grad who plays Doctor Rena. And at right is the Star Trek parody’s creator/writer/director Nathan Blackwell, who was also a panelist at NerdvanaCon (and a high school classmate of mine).

Russ Kazmierczak Jr. emcee costume contest at NerdvanaConAmazing Arizona Comics creator Russ Kazmierczak wasn’t just a panelist and booth babe — he was also emcee for the costume contest and trivia contest, and he did a terrific job. (The female Commander Shepard from Mass Effect (far left) won, and you can also see a girl dressed as Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor as well as Samurai Boba Fett (far right), which has taken the Internet by storm lately. Speaking of Samurai Boba Fett …

Allen Amis dons his Samurai Boba Fett costume behind his booth between his panel and the contest.

Biker scout cosplayer at NerdvanaConA somewhat blurry shot crowd shot after the costume contest that captures a Biker Scout cosplayer. The Empire was out in force, but there were no speeder bikes to be seen …

Dr. Diabolic introduces the Buckaroo Banzai screening that capped off NerdvanaCon.Dr. Diabolic makes a special guest appearance to introduce the Bookmans Entertainment Exchange presentation of the ’80s cult classic, The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension. A good time was had by all, thanks in part to the mad good doctor’s charming bedside manner and the pre-screening games he hosted for the audience.

I’ll have a full recap of the NerdvanaCon action when I get home, and I’m sure others will as well — I saw Geekssociated Press scurrying around with their many cameras, and they even cornered me for a quick interview. I apologize profusely in advance.

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