Phoenix Comicon 2015: Sunday Photo Recap – Doom, minus gloom

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Phoenix Comicon 2015 - Sunday
Glad to see The Lone Ranger making a comeback at Phoenix Comicon 2015 (okay, the other kids are cute too!)

After a day of celebrity spotlights and scrambling to snag those last minute treasures (I’m talking about you, Darrell Driver “Bluebacca” print), Sunday evening marked the finale of the 2015 Phoenix Comicon. We’re sad to see it end, but as you can tell from our photo gallery, it wasn’t all doom and gloom … well, quite a bit of doom, but you get the point; and besides, just like a certain Series 800 Terminator, they’ll be back.

Phoenix Comicon 2015 - Sunday
The band, “Far From Home and Friends” at Phoenix Comicon 2015

We started the day by checking out another awesome band, Far From Home and Friends, at the PHXCC outdoor concert pavilion. They were singing a John Williams a cappella tribute that was hilarious and perfectly executed. This group was a lot of fun and you can check out a short Twitter video clip of their performance HERE.

Phoenix Comicon 2015 - Sunday
Note: To avoid a lame seat when going to see Christopher Lloyd, be on time!

Next up we dashed to the 3rd floor for the West Ballroom spotlight on Christopher Lloyd, and even though we arrived quite early we still ended up sitting behind hundreds of devoted fans who had the sense to get there in time. Mr. Lloyd was fun and personable and took audience questions for an hour; talking about everything from his days on the Taxi TV series to Doc Brown, Uncle Fester, Judge Doom and even his cameo in The Legend of the Lone Ranger. I’m not sure where the line is drawn between Mr. Lloyd and some of his iconic characters, but seeing him was a blast.

Phoenix Comicon 2015 - Sunday
Hellboy team-up with Lady Beetlejuice at Phoenix Comicon 2015

We spent the remainder of the last day talking to old friends and taking photos of some of the incredible costumes on the exhibit floor, including this very cool and surreal team-up of Hellboy (and his Right Hand of Doom) together with a beautiful Lady Beetlejuice.

Please peruse our gallery of Sunday’s PHXCC photos below (just click the image to see it larger.)

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