Okay, DC — enough is enough already


With a couple of successful promotions under their belt, apparently DC Comics has decided to beat the idea into the ground. If you haven’t read Blackest Night #7 and are planning to, go ahead and stop now.

For those still here, DC’s The Source blog has announced that the company is doing another plastic ring promotion. This time they’re going with the newly revealed White Lantern Corps rings, who made their debut in this week’s Blackest Night #7.

Comic book retailers who order 25 copies of May’s Brightest Day #1 will be able to purchase a bag of 50 White Lantern rings.

If that’s still not enough for you, DC is also taking the whole power ring thing literally by producing a full set of rings from all of the various Lantern Corps with LEDs that light up.

I’m sure people want to have the complete set and all, but the constant stream of new rings is getting to be a bit much. This is the fourth different ring promotion in less than a year now. Hopefully, with the end of the Blackest Night storyline, DC will shelve the gimmick for a while. That being said, those light up rings do look kind of sweet…

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