‘Iron Man’ trailer among Super Bowl ad frenzy

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iron man super bowl
Photo courtesy of Paramount Pictures

Finally, a good reason for comic book geeks to watch the Super Bowl. In addition to seeing dozens of new and expensive advertisements, a new trailer for the “Iron Man” movie will air during Super Bowl XLII on Sunday.

A screenshot from the new trailer (above) shows Tony Stark (played by Robert Downey Jr.) testing the Iron Man suit in some sort of high-tech garage stocked full of slick cars and motorcycles. Other recently released screenshots also show him developing the armor suit, a great way to tease us without giving away too much. In the first movie trailer we get to see Tony Stark flying with jets in his polished Mark III armor, a highlight for fans everywhere. I can only assume we’ll see more of that as the May 2 release date nears.

Check out photos, videos, fan art and other goodies on the movie’s official website. After the trailer airs on TV you can see it again on Marvel.com.