New comic book/game store opening in Chandler (UPDATED)

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Chandler is about to get a new comic book and game store.

UPDATED May 21: I got this e-mail from the owner of Dave’s Comics, Cards & Games:

Greetings from Dave’s Crew!

We have great news and we have kinda not-great news.

The great news is that our store is going to be the largest of its kind! We found a place we just couldn’t say ‘no’ to and have found a way to make our vision bigger and better. We are looking at a glorious 75,000 sq. ft. comic book and gaming emporium, complete with a 250 gaming PC and XBox LAN, not to mention the Wii corner, Air Hockey tables, and a Mr. Goodcents sandwich shop to add to the already amazing concession stand. The play-area will allow for multiple tournaments to happen at once and there will be 6 private gaming rooms added to the mix. The merchandise section has been largely expanded with plenty of room to add posters, action figures, clothing and accessories. The future also holds for us a small blackbox theatre in-house to welcome area Anime clubs and the viewing of student films.

The kinda not-great news is that all of this greatness will take a bit more time on our part to ready the store in full. Our ETA is July 11th and our previously scheduled tournaments for May 23rd will be moved to that day as well. All those who have pre-registered will be added to the day’s roster on July 11th. The same give-aways we announced previously will still be raffled off on our opening day.

We are also in need of more hired hands to help us man our store. Positions available range from the deli counter, retail, and shipping/receiving. If interested, please send a resume and cover letter to

Please be patient as we grow our seedling store into something amazing. It will be well worth the wait and the effort of relocating.

Thank you again everyone! And, if there are any questions at all please, send us an e-mail and we will respond very promptly.

Our kindest and most sincerest regards,

480-839-DAVE (3283)

-Dave’s Crew

Dave’s Comics, Cards & Games is planning a May 23 grand opening at 963 W. Elliot Road, just east of Alma School Road.

The store had originally been set to open May 2 to coincide with Free Comic Book Day, but this was pushed back after Marvel Comics icon Stan Lee canceled a planned appearance at the store for that day.

The new May 23 date coincides with the next Worldwide D&D Game Day, and the Dave’s site is advertising giveaways of such items as the new Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual 2 and packs of Pokémon or Magic: The Gathering cards to lucky pre-registered players.

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